Vkira is a young musician and producer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.He got his start as a funk/disco guitar player in Los Angeles while studying at the Musicians Institute.In the course of his studies he developed a burning passion for electronic dance music. Thus, the eponymous anime character came to life as a Techno Dj & Producer.The artist drives his mixes as stories, using the contrast of primal mysticism with the dystopic reality of the metropolis as a backdrop for his narratives.So far Vkira has played in almost all venues and parties around Rio De Janeiro including Rio ME Festival with names like Âme, Recondite, H.O.S.H, Karmon and many others.The artist has collected support from big artists such as: Akken, Art In Motion, Gai Barone, Gabriel Moraes, Gui Boratto, Ney

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