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Fernand Marcon, aka Mark Anthony, was born in Pordenone in the early 90s. He is an italo - colombian dj, music teacher, sound designer and producer. Over the years he worked with lots of international artists thanks to his ability of combining different genres, from classic sounds to electronic ones. Mark A. ran multiple productions since he was a young artist, infact he performed in several notable clubs and parties as " Eco Festival, Massive open air, Ambasada Gavioli, Over, Tag, Grāu, The Club, Tales - Cube - Tnt Kamasutra, Diamantik, Supersonic, Fabriq " and many more. From 2012 to 2020 he shared the console with Claudio Coccoluto, Paul Ritch, Beppe Loda, Sossa, Hito, Umek, Felix Da Housecat, Domenico Rosa, Thomas Melchior, Alex Picone, Dewalta, Francesco del Garda, Sonodab, Alexandra, Giovanni Verrina, Matteo

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