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Rees hails from Chicago, where he's over a 25-year veteran in the DJ booth. Since his humble beginnings, he’s maintained his idealistic values as a DJ from his first shows playing VFW halls and teen clubs around Chicagoland in the 90s to major clubs & raves across the US and shortly thereafter at iconic events, venues and festivals worldwide. He's since headlined across 5 continents including playing on a float at Berlin's Love Parade in the year 2000 (to an audience of approximately 1.3 million people). As a producer he's accumulated over 100 releases on several cult labels like Dance Mania, Tresor, Underground Construction, Pro-Jex, IHR and Primate (under the names Rees Urban, DJ Urban and his duo Pair of Jacks with longtime friend, Angel Alanis). Furthermore his productions have been in regular

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