The GOAT is a techno musical artist based out of Vancouver, BC. His music is caked in heavy shadowy textures. The inventor, Marcinkiewicz, started creating unique stripped-down, percussive, eccentric warehouse techno in 2016 that gained definition under the moniker 'The GOAT'. Bands like Minor Threat, At The Drive-In, NIN, and The Locust captivate Marcinkiewicz. The sound is inspired by his early days as a punk and thrash drummer travelling Berlin and Eastern Europe. His philosophy of using dissonance as an instrument is displayed in its debut Flout EP (2016). Shortly after its release, the Flout EP entered Beatport’s 'Top 100 Techno Releases' chart and climbed to the top 10 on the 'Top 100 Minimal Releases'. The GOAT has had 6 top 10 releases in the Beatport 'Top 100 Releases' charts. Peak

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