LŪN’s debut EP, haha i like it, a six-track, bass-heavy collection was heralded by singles “bitches” and “y2k2k.” Billboard praised “bitches” for its “hefty siren call chorus that makes us feel like we can shoot lightning through our fingertips,” while commended “y2k2k” for "transitioning seamlessly from a space of control into one of beautiful mania.” Her latest EP “fuck ya go us” came alongside her live debut, doubling down on her production prowess, highlighting her ethereal vocals and driving beat drops. LŪN continues her mission to deliver fierce midtempo dance beats to the gothbounce world with “kiss the ring”, and “symphony no. 5 in bass minor” from her own fox skull records imprint. Expect more releases from LŪN and her collaborators in 2024.

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