Haywire is a 28 year old House / Electro / Tech Trance /Hard Dance / Hardcore Dj / Producer from Belfast, NorthernIreland.Growing up in N.Ireland made it hard to pin down anyspecific influences in the early years. Most music wassupplied in the form of hand me down rave tapes along with90's chart/dance music, served as the sound track forgrowing up. "Music is so varied and intertwined these days,you must embrace and love it all."His dj'ing style has been described as energetic and frantic,regularly cutting and scratching it up in every style! Hasbeen known to take a visit into the crowd and beyond too!Haywire has appeared on Radio 1 several times across 5genres of electronic music as well as multiple appearanceson album compilations and CD/Vinyl singles over the years.Latest projects include

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