David Moran

Hailing from the minuscule Isle of Man, filled with semi- Scouse tax dodger's and Horse-drawn trams, David Moran has t aken his 15 years experience as a DJ (3 of those years spent jamming out in his room, ruining 'Brookside' for his Mum and shaking the pictures off his neighbours walls) and turned his hand to production. So in the last 18 months or so, David has released on 6th Sense Music, Dorcas, Beats Me Music, Midnight Social Recordings, Soulman Music, Rare Music and a lot more are pending release! Spending so much time working crowds and watching what elements of a track make people move has helped no end in his music. All of David's tracks have an unmistakable 'bump' and 'swing' to them, with lots of heavy percussion,

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