Vin Sol

Vin Sol has been taking club-goers on a trip with his tracks and sets for the past two decades. A ridiculously talented producer with the catalog to back it up. Chances are you have already sweat through your shirt to any one of his releases on Unknown to the Unknown, Clone, Icee Hot, Delft, Honey Soundsystem, NonPlus or Ultramajic, if you've happened to set foot in a nightclub in the past six years. As regular guest on Rinse FM and BBC Radio 1, his sets expertly span the genres of house, electro, techno, italo, disco, freestyle, soul, funk and whatever other finds he digs up. In 2017 he caught the ear of B-Traits and was chosen to be a BBC Radio 1 Future 12 resident, where he had the opportunity to

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