Shadow Sect

The Shadow Sect project was born in early 2013 and is the result of the union of two well established musical and human realities, Giulio Ascoli [Former WPL and current owner and administrator of Big Riddim Recordings] and Cristian Pavese [Former DOM/The Anunnaki]. Having met each other during the organization of the Italian Therapy Session chapter, the two soon discovered important affinities not only in the musical field but also in the personal and human one.Both grew up in a background oriented mainly on Metal, Hardcore, Metal, Rock and crossover, in addition to a passion for experimental, electronic and avant-garde music, but divided by the stylistic and working orientations of the time. Over the years both have affirmed their position in the world scene for their respective genres, DnB \ Hard DnB for Giulio, Hardcore, Frenchcore for Cris not

Latest Releases