Paul Svenson

From the south of France to Dubai, Paul Svenson continues to evoke emotion through intense and beautiful melodies. A headliner and chart-topping producer, Paul’s ingenious instinct enables him to impressively captivate audiences of both intimate dancefloors and large venues. Paul’s signature sound was shaped at the onset of his career, in 2009, where he played across the French Riviera in cities including Saint-Tropez and Cannes, and the independent microstate of Monaco. Since 2014, Paul has become a key figure among a respected repertoire of DJ’s shaping Dubai’s dynamic and promising nightlife industry, having played in the city’s most iconic venues such as Soho Garden, WHITE Dubai, BASE, and Iris. By 2019, Paul had cemented his reputation as an enigmatic and skilled artist through his ability to intuitively craft emotive and energetic sets.

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