“Inhuman and the works!” Analog Genius
We are a couple of electronic music performers combining analog machines, several synthesizers and Ableton. We work several styles ranging from Soundscape/ Dark Ambient, Downtempo/ Electronica through Breakbeat, and different Techno (Techno Atmosphere, HardTek, Mental, Hardtechno ...) All our productions are Atmospheric/Dreamlike, and Experimental. We like to experiment with new sounds and sources on each album in order to express our emotions through our music. Our inspirations and inuences are numerous in different styles... (Trip hop, Techno, Hardtek). With music on Sneja Recordings, Ilisho records, Pink Dolphin Music, Machine Control Records, Beryllium Project, Stonnedogs records, Speedsounds, Lake Label, Pravana Records, Earth Records, and more.

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