ENOS, is a DJ/Producer hailing from the heart of the Florida house scene. With a deep-rooted passion for house music and a burning desire to create, ENOS has become a formidable force in the industry. Blending percussive brilliance and unconventional sounds, his unique style sets dancefloors ablaze, with a keen sense for party vibes. Supported by industry heavyweights like The Martinez Brothers, Marco Carola, and John Summit, Enos's tracks have found a home on esteemed labels such as Elrow, Percomaniacs, Nozzo, and House Keepers Records. ENOS’ journey has been as remarkable as the destination. With each milestone and collaboration, he has embraced the process of growth, trusting in his artistic vision. Now, on the brink of his debut solo project, ENOS is poised to leave a mark on the global

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