Chip E

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Chip E. started his DJ Career in 1982 and by 1984 he was producing records. In 1985 Street Mix magazine declared Chip E. as the Godfather of House Music. In 1987, he became the first (and still the only) Chicago artist to be in regular rotation on all three major Chicago radio stations (WBMX, WGCI-FM and B96).Chip E. brought legendary DJ Frankie Knuckles from the turntables to the recording studio when he co-produced Frankie’s first record “You Can’t Hide”. Other artists Chip jumpstartedinto the music world were Liddell Townsell, KevinIrving, and Harri Dennis of The It.DJs around the world recognize Chip’s earlyrecordings of “It’s House” and “Time to Jack” as not onlythe blueprint for the genre of House and Techno but the first records to use

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