Pier O

Pier-O always says "music = life".After experiencing a classical piano music education during his teenage years, he started making 12" vinyl trance records in the early 90s, but changed direction a few years later composing ambient and Berlin School music using only analogue synthesizers. After a decade of self-study about sound and creating songs from zero to finished track, he finally decided to make the relaxing highly emotional music that everybody enjoys, the wide range of lounge music. Rhodes, piano, latin jazz rhythms, percussion, and not to forget latin jazz chords were the key to most tracks, containing chillout, downtempo, lounge, nu bossa, latin lounge, to also deep house and soulful house.And not to forget remixes for befriended artists/dj's like Marie Therese, Marga Sol, Euphonic Traveller,Aaron The Baron and Claudio

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