OJOJOJ is a music art conceptual project made up by Hakan Ludvigson and Sarp Yilmaz. The project has an outgoing and intense public image, and have been called many things by the press, including; quirky, political, satirical, stupid, alternative, upsetting and horrible. OJOJOJ was launched in 2009 and have put out a number of controversial bootleg whitelabel vinyl in the UK. In 2010 they released the political tech-house track “Gott ist Tot” (God is dead) together with vocalist Coni which caused a stir in the media as well as the German tech-house bestseller 12” EP “Swing it like you mean it” which has been re-pressed multiple times. The first album “On The Bright Side, We Had Fun” on the Clubstream label marks the end of the first OJOJOJ dynasty. 2010-2011

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