IMIX a.k.a. Dj Anza is Franz J. Bogendorfer, one of the premiere Psytrance producers hailing from the central european hotbed for Psychedelic Tranceculture, A us t ria.St yle: Good Looking Fullon T rance Biography:1978 Franz starts to spin house, electro, soul, funk, 70s rare grooves, acid jazz, acid house, ethno and rock in and around Viennas underground clubs. During the 1980s Franz is managing his recordstore "Project Records" and is getting experienced in various styles of performing alternative music. Beginning of the 1990s Anza travels to the NorthEast of Brazil, studying native culture on the streets Franz fast got involved into the clubscene of Recife spinninig as resident @ *Attitude Noturna* and performing as Dj on plenty other locations/venues in Recife / Gaibu / Calhetas / Maceio during almost three

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