“FishadeliK” is the psytrance project from Bruno Carvalho, a 29 years old musician who started his musical formation at the age of 8, as he grew up he was a member of several metal and alternative music projects such as "TRIBA". By the time he was 14, back in 2005, he came across PsyTrance music and fell for it immediately. It's magic and unique vibes dazzled him enough to get him started on his own mixing becoming a local DJ in. His passion kept growing as well as his skills so he started to mix across Portugal, lately becoming a music producer. Since 2013 FishadeliK has already shared the decks with some of the greatest artists of the psy-scene like: Alienn, Brainwash, Sidhartha, Zinx, Azax Syndrom, Digicult, Atma.. and lately

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