Fake Truth

Electronic music producer.Known for his harmonically mixed compilations.Writes ambient, electronica, progressive, breaks and house music.Labels: Clinique, Suffused, Pitch, Massive Harmony, Mistique, A Must Have, Elliptical Sun, Electronic Tree, Green Snake, LuPS, OLD SQL, GSS.Monthly resident of “Sounds of Love” radio show hosted by DenLee on 16Bit.FM radio.Former author of “Rendered Mixes” radio show on GarageFM Online radio.Guest mixes for: FriskyRadio (in 2011 for "Frisky Loves Russia" and 2012 for "Voyager"), Pure.FM (in 2009 for "Horizons" and 2011 for "Ocean Planet"), 16Bit.FM (in 2010 for "Free Ends").

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