Angelo was born in Athens in 1972. In 2009 started to play with synth and write the first melodies and chords. His productions cross a wide range of music styles, he has produced almost all genres of electronic music styles: House, disco, progressive, indie-dance, pop, chillout and more. With a constantly evolving sound, Angelo loves to experiment with and cross over into various musical genres. His debut EP was in 2013 with the melodic EP "Empty Skies" Creating images and sounds brought in 2014 his first album "Visions", twelve tracks filled with longing melodies and pads, jumpled with chillout beats and progressive plucks. From late 2014 into 2018, Angelo had multiple singles simultaneously and collaborations with labels all over the world, such as Progressive House Worldwide, Deepsessions Recordings, Suffused Polarities, Massive Harmony, Records,

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