Astro Raph

Astro Raph (born Jacob Shier) began producing Jungle/Drum’nBass, Trip Hop and House and DJing in 1993. He moved to Boulder, Colorado where he did a weekly 3 hour show on Amino Internet Radio; even landing the opportunity to open for Ambient DJ Mix Master Morris (aka The Irresistible Force). In ’98 he appeared on a compilation known as “Awake In The Lap Of A Dream” through the record label Freakie People. It was in 2005 when Astro moved to Hawaii and hooked up with local DJ crew ‘ChillTown Maui’ before getting signed with Cold Busted Records. His first release with the label being a remix of Gramatik’s “Tearin’ It Up”. In 2011, he won 2nd place in the Mauitimes ‘Weekly Best Of” for best DJ on the island. 2014 saw Astro Raph

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