The Quasars

QUASARS is a Psychedelic Trance music project comprised of the duo Sci-Flyers (ANTU Records) and PsychicNova (Progg’N'Roll). After many successful collaborations, both in the studio and behind the decks, the trio (from India, Switzerland and China respectively) decided to put a name to their communal efforts; behold QUASARS. Their shared spirit and appreciation for music has brought the three producers together under one roof, with each of them bringing it’s personal background and inspiration into a unique tri-culutral, energy and soul filled music project. This project is a dream to create - sourcing their inspiration from the deepest space with the aim of creating intelligent psychedelic sounds that is filled with groove, deep atmospheric vibes and constant energy. Just like the exceptional stellar phenomenon, the Quasars are out to try making something different;

Latest Releases