Shockwave consists of long time friends Niel Kirsten and Ronald de Stadler. Both being musicians for well over a decade they discovered Psychedelic Trance parties in early 1999 , but it was only after being inspired by a Solar Eclipse festival in the remote wilderness of Southern Africa during 2002 that the duo decided to produce their own brand of Full-on Psychedelic Trance. During 2005 Shockwave decided to relocate to Cape town , the Psychedelic Trance Capital of South Africa and after many years of refining their sound theyíve recently exploded onto the scene taking dance floors by storm all across the country. To date they have played alongside artists such as Artifakt,Absolum, Shift, Cosmosis, OOOD, The Commercial Hippies, Burn in Noise, Phyx, Rabdom L, Chabunk, Static Flow ,Bliss ,Waio,

Latest Releases