Hardstyle DJ and producer Frontliner is well known for hisversatile approach to the genre. His latest album ProducersMind (2011) is a showcase of versatility and recent monsterhits such as ‘Dream Dust’ and Lose ‘T he Style’ are directproof of his skills to both feel and surprise his fans. Andwhile he normally makes his appearance high above thecrowd, on just about every known mainstage, he is verymuch ‘one of the guys’.T his fueled thoughts for his 2012 campaign where heexperiments with crowd fueled participation into his music,events and artist career. ‘For T he People’ has that socialistcharm while actually offering his fans and music enthusiastalike a chance to participate in his work as an artist and toeven get something in return.Frontliner’s career has been marked with success since hestarted in 2006,

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