Nic ZigZag

Russian-based artist Nic ZigZag began his career in drum & bass music as one half of the "Grinda + ZigZag" duo. With the initial success of their popular "Alien" track for the "Pirate Station" brand compilation in 2007, the pair followed up with a number of releases, including two full length albums, "Kaiser's Stuff" (2008) and "Share Dreams" (2009), on the "Respect Records" imprint. In 2010, ZigZag decided to pursue a solo career in music under the nickname "Nic ZigZag." The past decade has seen Nic continue to flourish. With solid releases on various labels, many appearances at live events globally, and also plans in the works to record a solo album, Nic ZigZag's unique blend of soul, funk and infectious, groove-laden drum & bass music continues to turn heads

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