DJ Drummer name is linked t o a career in elect ronic music in the Canary Islands, with 21 years behind the decks, providing a lot of experience and musical background, also is very extensive styles that have been tanning. The diversity of styles and his great strength he has facilitated playing with superstar Djs like Jeff Mills, Derrick May, Pascal Feos,, Locodice, Andrea Galuzzi, Anja Schneider, etc .... Also with people of other styles as disparate as Steve Lawler, Danny Howells,Silicone Soul, etc ..., all this in action at various festivals, clubs and events such as Magma, Eolica, Cabeza de Perro, Image, Canary Experience, he has also played in Barcelona, Ibiza, Valencia (Barraca), and large part of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote, La Palma, Fuert event ura, Gran Canaria.Today his

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