Tom Nikso

Melodic, Ethnic and Groovy Electronic Music. Tom Nikso is an experienced DJ and electronic music Producer based in South West France. He began his career more than 10 years ago in Paris, where he was resident DJ in a diverse range of some of the city’s most popular clubs and high-end cocktail bars including “The Gibus”, “La Scène Bastille”, “Le Théâtre Rouge” and the “Makassar Lounge” by L’Arc de Triomphe. He quickly built a great reputation and his technique and set variety soon took Tom all over Europe, from France to Germany and Belgium, playing all the best known clubs along the way. A favourite with clubs known for their quality DJs, he played “Bloody Louis” in Brussels “Red and Blue” in Antwerp and “EssigFabrik” in Cologne. With sets to suit Happy warm-up,

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