Marvin is one of the biggest masculine voices of the dance music; he is also producer of a lot of productions with Giorgio Prezioso, like: “Tell my why”, “Let me stay”, “Let’s talk about a man”, “Voglio vederti danzare” and, many others. Here follow his projects from 1999 to 2014, that are great success for Marvin!!!1999:”Tell me why “gets Top 10 in the Euro Chart and, we have to remember his live show at “Festivalbar 99”2000: the tunes “Let me stay”, “Rock the discotek” and “Emergency 911′′ hit the charts in Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy and East Europe.2001:”Let’s talk about a man” comes out;it is followed by a TV performance at The Dome and by live acts at Love Parade and Danube Festival.2002:the single “Somebody” reaches the German chart. Live

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