Khrizz Arias

Christian Arias born on June 21, 1986 in the city of Pasto, starts at an early age influenced by his musical taste, curiosity and passion to listen and Dj `s of the time playing with the variety of styles and mixed different musical genres. His career started at the hands of C.A.S. who helps him focus a little more in production and so find your own style when a LIVE SET. With an experience of 7 years which includes stations in September `s in as: POLICE RADIO (Pasto) 96.1; THE MEGA (Popayan) 100.1; SANTAFEMIX of SANTAFE Stereo 100.1 Pasto. It is now considered an icon in the southwest of Colombia. Known as DJ Crossover, the SET has been heard several cities and shared stage with artists such as Tito Nieves,

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