North Mexican musical Renaissance Man Ezekiel is known wellinmultiplemusic genre circles in Mexico's 3rd largest city Monterrey, and is steadilygaining notoriety all across his home country and internationally as a DJ,Producer and Multi-instrumentalist.The son of accomplished Mexican folklore musicians, Ezekiel has seen hissound steadily evolve with a genre-blind ear while producing Tropical Bass,Dubstep Moombahton, Tribal, Guarachero, Juke, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop,House, Pop and even his first true musical love; Metal. He often combines mysticism and technology to help shape his overall soundwhich has enabled him t o t our Mexico, The U.S, Cent ral America and Europe.Ezekiel's first single 'Drop ur Ass' released on the french labelMoveltraxxgotheavy support from MTV Iggy and 'Buraka Som Sistema' mainly, also fromdj/producers like Etienne de Crecy, Pacheko & Big Dope P to name

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