Andy Prinz

Andy Prinz is a Switzerland-based producer, composer, and sound designer with a passion for music. Gold and platinum certified. Having released tracks and remixes under/for numerous project names since 1993. Now exploring Web 3.0. Interested in music production, sound design, composition, music marketing, A&R’ing, publishing, management, cutting-edge technologies, parapsychology, UAP’s, AI, books, sun & beaches, mountains and snow. Creating music in various styles, from pop to chillout, cinematic and electronic music. Initially started out with Synthpop and Industrial in the early 90s, then switched to House & Techno, made a mark in the Trance scene, and then moved into experimental and Pop/Dance Pop. To stay ahead of the curve, he’s continuously learning about emerging trends, keeping up with evolving music production techniques and technologies, exploring different genres and collaborating with

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