From south Spain (Seville) with only 13 years of age i got introduced in to the music world.I started to listen to diferent radio stations, like maximo volumen,alto voltaje...etc Witch made me get interested in styles like hardcore & breakbeat. Around 1997 i bot my first set of vinyls,later i started learning the art of dj'ing based in hours of practice ( i got to have 5 or 6 full cases of vinyls in between retro and actuall music).In between 2000/2001 i had the oportunity of disk joking en a few raves of the zone and arround. In 2002/2003 i started as residence in Sala joker but it was in 2006 by the hand os Sunshine crew, and with the name( FORU ) , wen i had my first oportunity

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