Alter Form

Very interesting pilot project from St. Petersburg. Music "ALTER FORM" implicated in post-apocalyptic-Gothic style, based on the broken rhythms.Compilation of genres contain in Alter Form tracks making him very unique and what's most important..? This is just a beginning of his international DJ & producer career. Remix requests Ph. 89119001078 ► LABELS : ✯Ego Shot Recordings✯ ✯NFBmusic✯ ✯Beat Rude Records✯ ✯Flextone Recordings✯ ✯Morphosis Records✯ ✯Scarcity Recordings✯ ✯Divergence✯ ✯Kind Crime Recordings✯ ✯RkDeepLove Records✯ ✯Break Wind Productions✯ ✯Music Dark Records✯ ✯Definition Breaks✯ ✯Breakz R Boss Records✯ ✯Religion Breaks Records✯ ✯13breakz ✯

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