Dr. Ozi

What started as a gment of Nix Chohan’s imagination as a child, the now-epochal Dr. Ozi moniker has grown into something truly special since its inception in 2006. The Toronto-based, New-Delhi raised, 27-year-old producer has drawn inspiration from everything from punk-rock to his classically trained mother, with the internet being what would eventually jump-start his fascination with the digitally birthed sound of dubstep where he would soon nd a unique niche and successful career in. Over the past 13 years, Dr. Ozi has grown from strength-to-strength, with his music earning him support from the likes of Zomboy, Skrillex, SKiSM, Getter, Snails, Nero, Slander, Adventure Club, and many more of the scene’s most inuential and well- respected tastemakers. Known for bringing a new wave of undeniably heavy yet sleek productions to

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