Arion Grey

Arion Grey is a Hungarian Dj and Producer. In 2007 He began to start work with music.Since then he made close to 50 releases, and numerous of his songs and remixes got into Beatport Progressive- House chart and got supports from such a name as Hernan Cattaneo among others. He was the former A&R Manager of 7 Seas Rec. and current owner of the label , Musicon which got supports from great DJs & Producers all over the world , such as : Planet Perfecto,Progressive House Worldwide Magazine ,James Warren,Andrew K ,Andy Duguid ,Sandra Collins ,Christos Fourkis ,Joshua Collins ,Shingo Nakamura,Pet er Mart in ,Aeron Aet her,St eve Mcgrat h ,Thomas Penton ,Sean McClellan ,TOMAS HAVERLIK ,Zack Roth,Bobby Deep,Cristian Paduraru,Cristian Poow ,Gai Barone ,Joel Armstrong ,Josh Abrams,KINTAR ,d-phrag ,Fernando Ferreyra,Mariano

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