Alex Prax

Alessio Prasciolu, aka Alex Prax (Mayday Project) is an italian deejay & producer from Cagliari (Italy). He was born in Cagliari on December 15th, 1984. He loves best Progressive House and Electronic, and likes Tech House and Deep House too. His set is made up of innovative research of peculiar sounds that contain mainly electronic sonorities. This completes his personal production repertoire.Alex is manager of the Ichnusa Recordings Label. His first musical project is "Origin" for the label Sounday of Stefano Fontana aka Stylophonic. He has contributed to many projects with: Benvenuto Edizioni Musicali, Dance Rhythm, Urbanlife Records, Smilax Publishing, Overmind Records, Fair Play Recordings, Sinfonylife Records, Moon Deep Records, Bacci Bros Records, New Creatures. Since early 2000, he works in various discos & clubs near Cagliari. He played in

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