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 - Stereo Sun


Stereo Sun – You don’t need to worry about the past, enjoy the future!2012 has already got off to an amazing start: As a resault of their hard work in the past two years HendrikF and KONY! managed to climb onto no. 21 of the Beatport charts with the single called “Let’s Go“ on day after its release.However, the northern and western German team-up Hendrik and Konrad does not see themselves just a production duo, but DJ’s before all of this. A long line of clubs and residencies across Germany,a live full of strobe light, laser, smoke machines and pure madness verify evidence of serious skills and talent.The recipe for success: two creative minds fuse into a total piece of art. Publishing music via Attractive Music, Clubland Records, Tokabeatz, just to name a few, really adorn their path till today.No matter whether House ore Electronic beats, you can be sure Stereo Sun deliver musically. The concept of a song will remain the same, a set of driving music won’t alter...but trust me, Stereo Sun can add that little bit extra!The new progressive monster called “Blitz“ is ready to cause a damage, be prepared...