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 - Vince Neel


The Dj and Producer was born in Munich, Germany on May 4th, 1991 under the real name Aaron Vince Wierer. Back then his father was one of the most popular Rock-DJs in Bavaria. So he got his talent for DJing in the craddle and it was just a matter of time until he follows in his father’s footsteps. Before the 22-year-old positioned himself behind the mixer the first time back in 2007, he dabbled four years as a drummer. Training at the “Drummer’s Focus” school was worth a mint, especially in terms of tact, the precise transitions in his sets are the living proof. Meanwhile he shows a vita that is quite remarkable despite his fairly young age. Almost all bastions of the Munich Nightlife trusted in Vince Neel’s skills on the Crossfader so far. And since mixing was permanently too monotonous, the Bavarian is producing his own tunes since 2012, which are reflected in DJ sets worldwide. You can definitely look forward to a great career - from a great artist!