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 - Damien J. Carter


In a time where you're told to see an upcoming star on every corner, Damien J. Carter undoubtedly ranks among the primary rocks of House Music DJing. Having started at the age of 16, he soon played and produced par with the early Masters of the Dancefloor, whose hard-earned credits built his way to a massive fanbase all over the globe.As a DJ, performing from Europe's capitals from Russia up to Asia, South America and the Middle East, as well as on festivals like "Nature One" or the Loveparade, his sets became famous through their straightness, having an unbribable ear for the taste and needs of the time. As a producer, his records usually reach all renowned house charts or DJ playlists and they have already led to joint productions with billboard stars like Boy George, Gary Barlow & Howard Donald (Take That), R'n'B queen Mya & UK #1 pop artist Daniel Beddingfield.Damien's MTV hit single "What World" finally landed on FIFA's official World Soccer Championship video game, while others were taken to accompany real Hollywood blockbuster movie soundtracks. What refers to underground club music, Damien's heavily-asked studio works for Harry "Choo Choo" Romero, Jerome Isma-Ae, Barbara Tucker or Jonathan Ulysses shaped the way to his current hit releases, being signed and pushed by Europe's most famous House labels, such as Cr2 (UK), Rise/Time (Italy) or We Play (Germany). It's his crafted creative play, combined with the ability to always give 100%, that is now pushing Damien J. Carter to where he truly belongs: Among the deities of global DJing, playing from the sunny peaks of the House Music olymp…


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