Key Commands
 - Rob Hayes


From a early age Rob was always interested in music , first given a keyboard for his 10th birthday, the love for music has never left him. Early production experience from secondary school started Rob on his path to dance music production. Using a modest Cubase midi based setup , Rob began to learn the basics of multi-track recording from his mid-teens. After completing school , Rob became interested in the DJing side of music and a new chapter began in his life. Browsing the record shop isles for hours and hours , Rob became very interested in House music. Artists such as Mousse T , Boris Dlugosch and Masters at Work inspired this young DJ to collect records of a Soulful / Funky House nature , and was very much into the U.S. Garage sound. A few years passed and Rob honed his skills as a DJ and played in local Clubs around Milton Keynes, he decided it was time to re-embrace his first passion, making House music. Rob built a modest but workable studio setup in a back room, it was here where he spent hour upon hour and very many late nights learning the ins and outs of music production. This takes us up to around 2005 , and Rob was ready to have his music released onto the masses. This came in the form of a few Funky House white label 12" bootlegs and a digital release on Australian house label 'Infamous Light Recordings'. This served as good promotion for Rob and led him to releasing more and more remixes for various digital labels , such as 'Newlite Muzik' and a newly formed Soulful House label called 'Reelgroove'. During this time , Rob decided it was time to get back into DJing , and embraced CDJ technology , as he could easily mix music from the artists he loved as well as his own productions. This gave Rob a unique sound and opened up opportunities to play at some of London's finest clubs (including Ministry of Sound and SeOne). This pretty much takes you up to where Rob is today , he has never been more in love with House music and enjoys playing club and bar locations nationally and internationally and has further enhanced his DJ method by embracing the latest DJing technology in the form of Native Instruments 'Traktor', as well as remixing for elite labels such as 'Swing City' and has recently had material appear on mainstream compilations such as 'HedKandi'.


100 Deep House Workout Music
Martin Lacroix, 2W Tools, Niko De Luka, The Deep Project One, Junior Freak, Nuff Said, Funkadeluxe, Teddy Richards, Pearls Of Ibiza, Studio15, Eddy Chrome, The 80, Javi Ortiz, David Eye, Alex Martinez, Kalena Project, Radion, No Panties Allowed, Facture, Goki, Pumuq, DJ Denys, Yatsomat, Osictone, Symphocat, G. Mojo, Con Candy, DJ Patt, Fun & Richie, Sven Dedek, Dustom, Zweiklang, Dj Latinmix, Sande, Johanna Norstrom, Jose Diaz, Rydm, Polina, Zemtsov, Paul Loraine, Robert Cashin, Plastic, Dave K, The Morphoders, Roman König, Jj Momment, Electronic Yellow Jammer, Trademark, Monsters At Work, Sofa Tunes, Paul Sureno, The Groovelab, Rik Elmont, Corey Baker, Colin John, Andrew Banner, Ben Moss, Double Dash, Kel Quadrant, Jannova, Double Dee, Kinetic P, Hermanos, Platino, Grant Eq, Motivacao, Constadine Marousopoulos, Audiowerk, Minimal Lounge, Brett Knacksen, Enric Ricone, Nvlope, Dop Q, An Drum, Mora Matteo, DME Project, Alosnoc, David Girona, Olesya Astapova, Ulmost DJs, Will Wee, Kris Rebreak, Rokyourboots, Faktor-X, Hectro Couto, Morris, DJ Chrixx, Marco Klose, Whilo, Deep Raw, Evgeny Light, Mr. Luke, Fred Del Mar, Frankman, Jay Eff, Pitch Twit, Luvless, David Cluster, Digital Peoples, Pupo Pantskhava, Christian Lange, Ajc, Vagrant Freaker, Roni Be, Tomel, Jitzu, Scope (Ric McClelland), Eulises Gonzales, Mike Marshall, Romanto, Out Of The Drum, Antonio Santoro, Double Deep, Rob Hayes, Matthew Gill, Lars Von Licht, Alex Motofunk, Gerald Peklar, Saibot, Oiram, Frankman
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Classic Running Music
Porter Robinson, David K, Yo-c, Bricklake, Herr Spiegel, Sean Darin, Christopher Felix, Pamela, California Sun, Theo Beck, Matt Devereaux, Robby Schulz, Groove Kings, Phil Fuldner, Desmond, Yaneena, Xero, Matt Waro, Özkan Önder, Chompi, Miami Mafia, Nello, Davie Terry, Clarity Of Sound, Sorcha Richardson, Julian Poker, Kirill Slider, Marc Palacios, DJ Kone, Miss Moonlight, B. Bone, Dima Koch, Calabria, Stereoliner, Metro Audio, Hannover House Mafia, Edun, Oscar Salguero, Portmann, Addario, Tosch, Peter Brown, Mykel Mars, Miss Caramelle, Cuba Club, Noel Phoenix, Fit For Sound, Steph, Vasili, General Wooky, Allward, DJ Absinth, Jóhann Steinn, Sky Edwards, Angel Buzz, Tanya Michelle, Cosmic Funk, Crew 7, Million Faces, Dr. Nexus, Housenumberone, DJ Tide, Ann Bailey, Luxure, Lil Bizzy, Hype Intro, The Quickhitters, The Loop of Life, Selecta, Gordon & Doyle, Worakls, MC Renegade, F&E, Joseph Disco, Dr. Kucho!, Divkid, Yan Krow, DJ Smash, Maury, Souljackerz, Rude Vinyl, DJ Turtle, Thibo Rosh, Ann Clare, Nothing But The Beat, Waxwell, Urban Dance Crew, Dj Rafael Marino, Ridgeback, Skaei, Primo Lopez, Lady Pink Bitch, Discomaus, Aruso, Danceheat, Robin Schulz, Primacy, Rob Hayes, Peter Kharma, Ivan Martin, Mykel Mars, David K, Lexer, Marc Palacios, DJ Kone, Dancefloor Warning, Electrophunk, Ivory, Christian Rusch, Sunset Crew, Dj Puga, Plastik Bass, Jim Cerrano, DJ Jordan, Thomas Lizzara, Has!, Funky Truckerz, Deepside Groove, Smartfusion
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