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Massimo Paramour is not new to the club music scene; he is a musician in every sense of the word.He started studying music at the early age of 4. He obtained his degree in Organ and Composition in 1991 and spent a few years performing as an organ soloist, choir and orchestra conductor and later working as a keyboardist/pianist for several recording studios and record labels.His career in dance music began at the prestigious Media records (Italy) where, in 1994, he was hired as music partner by DJ Professor: with him he co-wrote various international hits for Cappella, Anticappella, 49ers, Sharada House Gang, Clubhouse and also co- produced and remixed artists like, Jimmy Sommerville, Zeitia Messiah, Tito Puente, Hi-Lux, Baby D, Salt‘n’Peppa and many more.As he took over Heartbeat records (sub-label) in 1996, he produced tracks alongside Ralphi Rosario, Ashley Beedle, Gemini, Roc and Cato, Chris Coco, A Man Called Adam, Ricki Montanari, Mauro Picotto, Gareth Cooke and Adrian Morrison among others.In 1997, after 6 months spent in London, he moved to NYC, mainly to start a productive collaboration with Easy Street Records, producing tracks for artists like De'lacy, Debbie Pender, Michele Blade, Jocelyn Brown, Shawnee Taylor, Darryl D. Bonneau, Dina Carroll, Angie Brown, Robert Owens and several others.Paramour moved then back to London, where he has been based since 2004.Being mainly a musician/keyboardist he never thought about DJing professionally, until 2009 when Daz Saund, promoter of the monthly gay party Megawoof asked Massimo to become one of the resident DJs. He rapidly gained such a remarkable reputation that within just a year, he won the silver award as “best newcomer DJ of the year” by BOYZ magazine.Since then, his dj activity literally took off, with him playing in major clubs in London and all over the world (Spain, Italy, Greece, Asia). He is now resident at MATINEE (London), BEYOND after-hour (London), MUCCASSASSINA (Rome), DEVIATE (London), OVERJOY (Milan) while continuing his main activity as music arranger and remixer. With one of his best friends and collaborator, DJ PAGANO, he recently released "THE REFLEX" feat. Peyton, which reached the top 10 Dance Chart in Germany.His musical style reflects his big passion for electronic music, although the long time experience in the music business and his eclectic producing skills make him well equipped to easily adapt to any kind of dance-floor, ranging from House, Tech-house, Techno, Nu-disco and Indie-dance, whilst keeping his personal touch recognizable throughout the set.Besides his activity as DJ-producer, he also writes and arranges music for documentaries, TV adverts, rock bands and emerging artists.