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Dario Synth, born in Lecco on 17 May 1986, is an ItalianEDM DJ-Producer who began his music career earlyinfluencedby the greatest dance hits of the nineties. At theyoung age of 19, he started his music career with severaldance remixes.In the first three years of his work, Dario Synth releasedthirteen official remixes on famous labels in the dance sceneincluding: Fluida Records, Bit Records, Planeta Mix Records,Italo Rumble Digital, Interbeat and DJ-Exclusive. In addition,he also produced forty unofficial remixes which garneredhim more popularity, expanding his fan base internationally.In these early years, Dario was also able to collaborate withother artists and produce several songs both with them andfor them. With his growing popularity, he has been featuredon several radio shows, notably including his leadcontribution and full spot on “Italian Style”—a radioprogramme by DJ Charlie, broadcasted on the Spanish radiostation, “Loca FM”.Remaining in Spain, Dario Synth continued his work withother Spanish radio programmes broadcasted by the “RadioCantabria” group, using these opportunities to showcasehis original and latest tracks. Most recently, he hascollaborated with the webradio station,“ItalianDanceNetwork” with his own programme,“Synthesizer”, airing twice a month. In 2009, Dario Synth decided to further his career andspread his production in other sub genres of EDM(Electronic Dance Music). Never forgetting his roots with thedance community, he branched out with new tracks,experimenting with more electronic sounds. T hanks to manypositive feedbacks the international artist, “Spoonface”contacted him to produce an official remix of his song, “SoGood” which was released on Faada Records.Coming off of this momentum, in June of 2010, Dario Synthreleased his first official production—“Drunk”, which wasreleased on the label, “Italo Rumble Digital”.In October of 2012—after a short hiatus in making music,dedicated to the research and development of his newsound—Dario Synth released his single, “Amnesia” whichharnessed the soulful voice of American singer, April Raquel.“Amnesia”, published on the label “Full Stop Records”, wasreleased in four very distinct versions: original, progressive, dirty and dubstep, all produced by himself—a testament tohis expansion of sound. Meanwhile, Dario Synth competedin the “m2oTenYears” contest, held by the Italian radiostation, “m2o” for its tenth anniversary on air. Here, DarioSynth remixed one of the tracks that made the history of thisItalian radio, “Emi – Le Canzoni Dell’Estate” andsubsequently won the competition with this craftily skilledremix. T his competition earned him a coveted lineup spot inthe station’s largest event held in “Spazio Novecento”,Rome.In November of 2013 the new single titled "Machine Gun"has been released and it contains two versions:progressive and dubstep. Both receive many positivefeedbacks on all the social networks, in addition the track ischaracterized by sounds coming from the jumpstyle musicand a big room drop.Amidst the buzz of his previous single he receives manyrequests for collaborations and decided to begin a closecollaboration with the young and up-coming producer Corg.Together they created "Raptor" the new track published onMarch 2014 which it has nothing to envy to the other EDMhits in the chart.T his year, keep your ears open—Dario Synth is focusing hisefforts on the production of many new and original tracks,meanwhile, he continues to play his favorite electro andprogressive-house tracks in many clubs around Italy.