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Dario Synth, born in Lecco on 17 May 1986, is an Italian EDM DJ-Producer who began his music career in 2005 early-influenced by the greatest dance hits of the nineties. He started with several remixes that were released on famous labels in the dance scene including: Fluida Records, Bit Records, Planeta Mix Records, Italo Rumble Digital, Interbeat and DJ-Exclusive. In addition, he also produced forty unofficial remixes which garnered him more popularity, expanding his fan base internationally. In these early years, Dario was also able to collaborate with other artists and produce several songs both with them and for them. With his growing popularity, he has been featured on several radio shows, notably including his lead contribution and full spot on “Italian Style”—a radio programme by DJ Charlie, broadcasted on the Spanish radio station, “Loca FM”. Remaining in Spain, Dario Synth continued his work with other Spanish radio programmes broadcasted by the “Radio Cantabria” group, using these opportunities to showcase his original and latest tracks. Most recently, he has collaborated with the webradio station, “ItalianDanceNetwork” with his own programme, “Synthesizer”, airing twice a month. In 2009, Dario Synth decided to further his career and spread his production in other sub genres of EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Never forgetting his roots with the dance community, he branched out with new tracks, experimenting with more electronic sounds. Thanks to many positive feedbacks the international artist, “Spoonface” contacted him to produce an official remix of his song, “So Good” which was released on Faada Records. Coming off of this momentum, in June of 2010, Dario Synth released his first official production—“Drunk”, which was released on the label, “Italo Rumble Digital”. In October of 2012—after a short hiatus in making music, dedicated to the research and development of his new sound—Dario Synth released his single, “Amnesia” which harnessed the soulful voice of American singer, April Raquel. “Amnesia”, published on the label “Full Stop Records”, was released in four very distinct versions: original, progressive, dirty and dubstep, all produced by himself—a testament to his expansion of sound. Meanwhile, Dario Synth competed in the “m2oTenYears” contest, held by the Italian radio station, “m2o” for its tenth anniversary on air. Here, Dario Synth remixed one of the tracks that made the history of this Italian radio, “Emi – Le Canzoni Dell’Estate” and subsequently won the competition with this craftily skilled remix. This competition earned him a coveted lineup spot in the station’s largest event held in “Spazio Novecento”, Rome. In November of 2013 the new single titled "Machine Gun" has been released and it contains two versions: progressive and dubstep. Both receive many positive feedbacks on all the social networks, in addition the track is characterized by sounds coming from the jumpstyle music and a big room drop. Amidst the buzz of his previous single he receives many requests for collaborations and decided to begin a close collaboration with the young and up-coming producer Corg. Together they created "Raptor" the new track published on March 2014 which it has nothing to envy to the other EDM hits in the chart. This year, keep your ears open—Dario Synth is focusing his efforts on the production of many new and original tracks, meanwhile, he continues to play his favorite electro and progressive-house tracks in many clubs around Italy.


My Workout Playlist - 100 Powerful Tracks
Jc Nitro, Mackenzy, Dario Synth, Naxwell, The Italian Donkey, Markus D'Ambrosi, Marga Gonzales, Tavengo, B3ware, Red 5, Sebastien Luminous, Sack S, Just Me, Poediction, Trevor Jackson, Visioneight, Romak, Yigit Yaparel, Ignacio Arfeli, DJ Samfeel, Crazytecko, Vyto, Jthan, Stereoliner, Vince Neel, Rob Estell, Calabria, Metro Audio, Trackwasher, Xpert, Hella Donna, DJ Sakin & Friends, Mysterymachine, Corg, Laera, Sancho Briggs, Pumped Navigation, Marcos Grijo, Promid, Kristof Tigran, Nerik, D 'n' B Bros, Stereo House, Nockturn, Bailee Mark, S&g Dance Band, Dani Le Cross, Sond3r, Glowjack, Plamen Dereu, Style da Kid, Shoricel, We Are The Future, Jack Like, Androbit, California Sun, Massiv Vibes, Mad Fak, Babe Ruth, Simone Vignola, Sfrisoo, Squilla Mantis Project, Peet Vait, Yanis.s, Lea Mojica, Criticaldrop, Dj Ariep, Noweez, Hot Tub Party, The Overtonics, Andel Plac, Jerome Sandron, Vuelta, Trip Guys, ReMiL, Jeffron Vox, Snowballz, The Outhere Brothers, Randy Norton, Hamelin, Minfeel, Sënick, So Wonderful, Arwell, Jan Polacek, Turn 3, Feldschieber, DJ Sveta, Dramatello, Schoko, Hihatjack, Cola Girl, Men, Wild, Vuto, Setter, Neuron 22, Deejay Chris White, Maxim Matveev, Lisa, Alex Costanzo, L-Dis, Jean Edouard Lipa, Criola, Ande', Number Eleven, Corg, Marc Reason, Sy'No, Fat Rabbit, Philip Larson, Matt3w, Zemoya, Dario Synth, Randy Norton, Mash-d, David Kriss, Simeon, DJ Vaven, Ray Burnz, Marcel Cooper
Workout Music Service | 2014-09-20
The Workout-Sessions, Vol. 2
Red 5, Shaun Thomas, Keysernoize, Gantcho, Yanis.s, Lea Mojica, L-Dis, Sebastien Luminous, Sack S, Visioneight, Romak, Chippie, Ignacio Arfeli, Vyto, Vince Neel, Stereoliner, Calabria, Metro Audio, Trackwasher, Hella Donna, Skibba, DJ Sakin & Friends, Dario Synth, Corg, Rob Estell, Yigit Yaparel, Marcos Grijo, Sancho Briggs, Kristof Tigran, Nerik, D 'n' B Bros, Nockturn, DJ Samfeel, Sqootie Jackson, Maxim Matveev, Bailee Mark, S&g Dance Band, Dani Le Cross, Sond3r, Crazytecko, Glowjack, Plamen Dereu, Style da Kid, Shoricel, J & V, DJ Freedom, Siren, We Are The Future, Francesco Masnata, Chris R, DJ Soeite, Primacy, Just Me, Cortex, Nihat a.k.a Dj Led, Basslover Allstars, Handsup Playerz, Dj Bisk, Taylor & Clarke, Sidefin, Ro.Kit, Mathias Arvo, Kin3tek, Discotheque Style, Yan Krow, Sgarrow, Criola, Fabrikahouse, DJHD, Bjorn V, Mix Team Project, DJ Sakin, Flowerfield, DJ Ex-One, Robby Schulz, DJ Noiz, Coldhouse V2, Marcko, Sonny Sabotaz, Domo, Toni Cataldi, Pascal Casimir, React2mens, Jason Parker, Craig Oliver, The Bombers, Dela Saldo, Xpert, Poediction, Trevor Jackson, Androbit, Kurtern, Massiv Vibes, Mad Fak, Babe Ruth, Simone Vignola, Dinheiro, Sfrisoo, Squilla Mantis Project, Peet Vait, Livedj Malo, Criticaldrop, Dj Ariep, Ron Carroll, R.O.N.N., Serbsican, Toby Luke, Nivanoise, Neerah, The Outhere Brothers, Randy Norton, Hamelin, Minfeel, Victoria, The Voyager Project, So Wonderful, Arwell, Feldschieber, Markus Voorn, Acting Lovers, Mr. Coy, Dramatello, Schoko, Hihatjack, Sunny Soccers, Cola Girl, Cosimo Citiolo, Aljosha Konstanty, Vuto, Setter, Deejay Chris White, Andre Kornev, DJ Sveta, Marc Reason, Twenty a.k.a Twozero, David Kriss, danilo just me nylez, Fat Rabbit, Succumb2 the Nite, Chris Odd, Future Cartel, Sond3r, Daniel O Connell, Universal Love Tribe, Dario Synth, Roaxx J, DJ Sies, Basslover Allstars, Dreamwalker, Dj Arix, Kike Amyach, DJ X Wing, Rom Mc Grey, Martin K-Knight, Randy Norton, Mash-d, Javo, Aron Scott, Lahox, Ray Burnz, Divkid
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Underground Electronic Music, Vol. 1001-1
Phil Fuldner, Desmond, Yo-c, David K (GER), Groove Kings, Dario Nunez, David Amo, Julio Navas, Tony Verdi, Rufus Martin, Nino Fish, Aint, Porter Robinson, Deepside Groove, Theo Beck, Mangelt, Kirill Slider, Mark Ullrich, Turgay Avcioglu, Niko Schwind, Sorcha Richardson, Skaei, Mykel Mars, Christopher Felix, Pamela, Bart Skils, Anton Pieete, Gedevaan, Fred Olin, Max H., Beckers, D-Nox, Özkan Önder, Chompi, Rude Vinyl, Sun Robot, Who Is That Dj, Davie Terry, Chris Rockford, Ford Electro, Gabriel Miller, Vandice, Dima Koch, Hannover House Mafia, Kristof Tigran, Nerik, Edun, Oscar Salguero, Portmann, Addario, DJ Tide, Dropclusive, Toby Sky, White Azz Suckers, DJ Semih, Miami Posh, Cuba Club, Decay City, Steve Valentine, Million Faces, Selecta, Gordon & Doyle, Analog Brothers, Steph, La Noise, Gantcho, Gama, Virility Ex, Crew 7, Geeno Fabulous, Wavepuntcher, Sexual Energy, Housenumberone, Joffrey Martinache, Bjorn V, Francesco Masnata, Paris Encore, Leon Shady, Pitch Black Gold, Auxotrophy, House Kartel, Claudio Viti, Frankie D, Fabian, Caius, Starmain, 4d4m, Schoko, Marcko, Sonny Sabotaz, Yan Krow, Susana Villegas, Daniel Davici, Roger Slato, Danny Better, Nenna Yvonne, Sond3r, D 'n' B Bros, The Glitterboys Are Nastytunez, DJ Diavolo, Tony Dynamite, Jønsson, Littleway, Brain Rock, Luke Meyers, Damien Heck, Damien J. Carter, Zhana, Matt Devereaux, Michael Maze, Jack Velox, B Van E, Sunyo, Chris Galmon, Ron Van Helen, Layo, Peter Kharma, Robin Schulz, Rob Hayes, Dyro, Namito, Marc Palacios, DJ Kone, Piemont, Channel X, David K, Lexer, Primacy, Adam Beyer, Perc, Kiko, David Keno, David Puentez, Hanna Hansen, Luis Herrero, Electrophunk, Edlington, Ivory, Purebeat, Dj Puga, Twenty a.k.a Twozero, Sunset Crew, B Van E, Plastik Bass, The M.a.f.i.a, Ciccio Colonna, Jannick Larsen, Alex Del La South, Kike Amyach, Stereo Palma, Dario Synth, Chriz Samz, Marc Fischer
Le Swag Records | 2014-09-11
The Fat-Fighters - Shape Your Body
Miami Mafia, Calabria, Deen West, Ari Vayne, Ted Newtone, Sash S., Leshouze, Dario Synth, Darren & Vincent, Naxwell, Domo, Clarity Of Sound, Jaytor, DJ Sakin & Friends, Sack S, Visioneight, Romak, Yigit Yaparel, Ignacio Arfeli, Crazytecko, Vyto, Gama, Vince Neel, Stereoliner, Metro Audio, Arvon, Pumped Navigation, D 'n' B Bros, Nockturn, Bailee Mark, Sebastien Luminous, S&g Dance Band, Sond3r, Glowjack, Plamen Dereu, Style da Kid, Vic Rippa, Dömötör Balázs, Francesco Masnata, Chris R, Volka Kent, DJ Cook, Christian Belt, Rebentisch, Max Momentum, Poediction, Trevor Jackson, Deejay Chris White, Luis Vegas, Daniel Davici, DJ Soeite, Primacy, Basslover Allstars, Handsup Playerz, Dj Bisk, Kin3tek, Yan Krow, Criola, Fabrikahouse, The Overtonics, Jerome Sandron, Corg, Vuelta, The Tronix, Jan Polacek, Turn 3, Tom Jonson, Enzo Darren, P3 Ulver Kaos, Keel Over, Theodor Tonwerfer, Neerah, Diskov3r, Jc Nitro, Mackenzy, Snowballz, Nivanoise, The Outhere Brothers, Randy Norton, Feldschieber, Markus Voorn, Mr. Coy, Dramatello, Schoko, Cola Girl, Men, Wild, Vuto, Androbit, De Cody, Lisa, Alex Costanzo, L-Dis, Number Eleven, DJ Whitestar, D T S, Mattia P., Hermes, Deers Light, Dj Enox, Irvin Turn, Danza, The Dirty Principle, Pain Disorder Project, DJ Vladimir, DJ Klammer, Hauser, Mykel Mars, Wridge, Corg, Daniel O Connell, Dario Synth, Randy Norton, Funny Cats 995, Basslover Allstars, Dreamwalker, Kike Amyach, Federico Romanzi, Loose Faces, Simeon, DJ Vaven, Jon Thomas, DJ Moriarti, Ray Burnz, Zemoya, Manoosh, More Kords
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Bikini Body with Aerobic - 120 Motivation Songs
Miami Mafia, DJ Ti-S, Hannah Brown, Discotronix, Calabria, Clarity Of Sound, Crew 7, Leemar Project, Neal Claed, Miss Caramelle, So Wonderful, DJ Sakin & Friends, Darren Mackay, Grae, Are We Famous Now, Basslover Allstars, Handsup Playerz, Dj Bisk, Million Faces, Robby Schulz, Babelon, Mr. Smiths, King Hookiss, Naxwell, California Sun, Jason Parker, Red 5, Cola Girl, Spikes & Slicks, Chris Excess, Damon Paul, SolidShark, Anthony Simons, Anna Berardi, Mordax Bastards, Joss Beaumont, Driss F, Marc Reason, Pulsemaster DJ Team, Mike Van Doorn, Tony Scott, House Sound of Chicago, Aaron D, DJ Malvich, Brazil Headliner, Nigel Hard, X-Stylez, Two-m, DJ Rosso, Prash, Vortecs, Jens Mueller, Jan Plonka, Rave Ryders, Double Deep, Groovebirds, Cats Love Dogs, Tonal Desires, Bailee Mark, Deba Montana, Stacey King, Dj Ferre, More Kords, D. Pablo, Johnx, MStyles, Klangtitan, Krassimir Avramov, Javid Senerano, Tristan Woodroffe, Vuto, Shilton, Lost American, Sunrider, The Haters, Bryan J4nss3n, Dj Enox, Fio, Phil Giava, Lidless Sound, Daniel Briegert, Dj Territo, Stereoliner, Ray Burnz, Kenny Laakkinen, Miloud, Tony T., Dj Maxx Fiesta, Jaytor, BobSlasher, ttoo, Jockeyboys, Nance, Mack, Brisby & Jingles, Big Zero, Guy Martin, Tomek Rose, Flowerfield, Dubrenaline, Nivanoise, Scape Eleven, DJ Miss Ka-rine, Axel G, DJ Samfeel, Sancho Briggs, Dario Synth, Corg, Promid, Daniel Freiberg, Mathias Arvo, Mike Rubin, Dj Ariep, Dinheiro, Massiv Vibes, Laera, Yvonne Black, Joseph Christopher, GDG, Sënick, DJ Sveta, Hihatjack, Aljosha Konstanty, Cafe Creme, Matthias Kadar, Talel, Don Papash, Fruit From Trance, Sebastien Couroupis, Matt3w, Sideone, Setter, Minfeel, Roxa, Bass Booster, Bts Chitlom, Tony S, Kimberley Wardle, Taylor & Clarke, Sidefin, Ro.Kit, Shaun Thomas, Tom Jonson, Feldschieber, De Cody, DJ Whitestar, Michael Rade, Calectro, Bytes Brothers, Mykel Mars, Mankee, Anthony Simons, Basslover Allstars, Dreamwalker, Daniel O'Connell, Chris Excess, DJ Schwede, Tomtrax, Danny Cotrell, Tom Pulse, Funk & Filou, Sammy Love, MC Ace, J-Fox, DJ Malvich, Jinpachi Futushimo, Spaceman, Rik & Mik, Mathijs de Fouw, Boze, Andreas Linden, Enfortro, DJ Pasha Shock, Bryan J4nss3n, DJ Dusk, Jordan Dyck, Steve Cypress, Grande Vue, Yew Nork, Randy Norton, Mix-tailes, Nivanoise, Aidan Gates, Matt3w, Sideone, Javo, Tb, Halojumpers, Jon Thomas
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Top 100 Fitness Songs
Crew 7, Ted Newtone, Rockstarzz, Laera, Skibba, Ian Osborn, Nicolas Francoual, Lex Lara, Markus D'Ambrosi, Marga Gonzales, Michael Krefeld, PhatNoize, Roger Slato, Danny Better, Nenna Yvonne, The Italian Donkey, Miami Mafia, Calabria, Analog Brothers, DJ Mafia, Mark Hills, Keysernoize, Mykel Mars, The Overtonics, Maxfab, Abrami, Azora, Dario Synth, Red 5, Yan Krow, Susana Villegas, Trip Guys, Enzo Darren, Neal Claed, Jc Nitro, Mackenzy, Naxwell, Soul Bros., Arvon, Robby Schulz, Cason, Miss Caramelle, Dr. Kucho!, Akil Wingate, Backdraft, Bronzato, Virkiss, Tosch, Stereoliner, Carrilio, Sancho Briggs, DJ Zhukovsky, Jenna Summer, Modium, Rob Estell, Hella Donna, DJ Sakin & Friends, Sunrider, Pumped Navigation, Marcos Grijo, Stereo House, Nockturn, Maxim Matveev, Luis Vegas, Bailee Mark, Dani Le Cross, Sond3r, Glowjack, Plamen Dereu, Style da Kid, Shoricel, DJ Freedom, Siren, Francesco Masnata, Volka Kent, California Sun, Jack Like, DJ Miss Ka-rine, Axel G, Gama, Hugh Xdupe, Deejay Chris White, Daniel Davici, Primacy, Cortex, Nihat a.k.a Dj Led, Basslover Allstars, Handsup Playerz, Dj Bisk, Taylor & Clarke, Sidefin, Ro.Kit, Mathias Arvo, Anthem Kings, Vyto, Discotheque Style, DJHD, Criola, Fabrikahouse, Nothing But The Beat, DJ Noiz, Bjorn V, Gantcho, DJ Sakin, Coldhouse V2, Marcko, Sonny Sabotaz, Toni Cataldi, Fit For Sound, Jason Parker, Massiv Vibes, Babe Ruth, Sfrisoo, Squilla Mantis Project, Chris Odd, Future Cartel, Kevin Sunray, Tony Catania, Royal Gigolos, DJ Junior, Andy Franklin, Crew 7, System B, Dave King, Corg, Marc Reason, Kike Amyach, Chris Excess, Mykel Mars, Carlos Gallardo, Mordax Bastards, Joss Beaumont, Seibaz, Dmitri Phantom, Dmitry Bakhirev, Kai Sheen, Zemoya, Funny Cats 995, Dario Synth, Randy Norton, Michael Manteca, Tony Bezares, Basslover Allstars, Dj Bonzaii, Federico Romanzi, Twenty a.k.a Twozero, DJ X Wing, Martin K-Knight
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Top 100 Electro House, Vol. 1
DJ Mafia, Mark Hills, Calabria, Markus D'Ambrosi, Marga Gonzales, Robby Schulz, Crew 7, DJ Sakin, The Italian Donkey, Jc Nitro, Mackenzy, Dario Synth, Darren & Vincent, Miami Mafia, Analog Brothers, Neal Claed, Trip Guys, Nivanoise, Loudspeakers, Million Faces, Maxfab, Abrami, Soul Bros., The Overtonics, Francesco Lupo, Miss Caramelle, Volka Kent, Gama, Daniel Davici, Primacy, DJ Whitestar, Taylor & Clarke, Sidefin, Ro.Kit, Discotheque Style, Yan Krow, Criola, Fabrikahouse, DJ Noiz, Bjorn V, Keysernoize, Domo, Toni Cataldi, Pascal Casimir, Stereoliner, Rob Estell, Glowjack, Plamen Dereu, Craig Oliver, Nockturn, Black Mafia DJ, Mad Fak, Babe Ruth, Simone Vignola, Sfrisoo, Squilla Mantis Project, Peet Vait, Criticaldrop, Vuelta, Jan Polacek, Turn 3, Enzo Darren, Kevin Juncal, Francesco Masnata, Degreezero, P3 Ulver Kaos, Keel Over, Naxwell, Daniel O Connell, Theodor Tonwerfer, Das echt Andere, Mr. Smiths, The Outhere Brothers, Randy Norton, Arwell, Feldschieber, Stereo House, Dramatello, Cola Girl, Men, Wild, L-Dis, Ande', We Are The Future, Unlimited Friends, Jaytor, Hermes, Red 5, DJHD, Kristof Tigran, Nerik, Maxim Matveev, Jack Like, Roger Slato, Danny Better, Nenna Yvonne, Cresta, Sond3r, Paris Love Machine, Massiv Vibes, Ron Carroll, R.O.N.N., Serbsican, Hamelin, Minfeel, Hihatjack, Olivier Bentley, Tavengo, Lato, Brisby & Jingles, Gary Dyton, DJ X Wing, The Other Side, Mykel Mars, Dj Arix, Kike Amyach, Federico Romanzi, Glowjack, Mash-d, Daniel O Connell, Roaxx J, Corg, Deen West, Tr3buchet, Phil Giava, Manoosh, DJ Housegeist, DJ Junior, Dario Synth, Aron Scott, Lahox, Zemoya, Stereo Palma
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Power Workout Summer Music 2014
Cresta, Dario Synth, Darren & Vincent, Sash S., Leshouze, Roger Slato, Danny Better, Nenna Yvonne, Skibba, Trip Guys, Sond3r, Keysernoize, Hihatjack, Sancho Briggs, Talel, B3ware, Naxwell, Jc Nitro, Mackenzy, V-Sag, Britt, Domo, Cason, Laera, Pumped Navigation, Toni Cataldi, Marcos Grijo, Kristof Tigran, Nerik, Maxim Matveev, Bailee Mark, Moda, Dani Le Cross, Glowjack, Plamen Dereu, DJ Miss Ka-rine, Axel G, DJ Cook, DJ Caris, Daniel Freiberg, Gama, Hugh Xdupe, Deejay Chris White, David Novacek, Yan Krow, Irvin Turn, Neerah, Daniel Davici, Primacy, Hamelin, Minfeel, Taylor & Clarke, Sidefin, Ro.Kit, Discotheque Style, Criola, Fabrikahouse, DJ Noiz, Bjorn V, Gantcho, DJ Sakin, Robby Schulz, Eygency, Marcko, Sonny Sabotaz, Daiden, Rob Estell, Craig Oliver, Nockturn, Deelaw, DJHD, Mix Team Project, Mike Rubin, Nihat a.k.a Dj Led, Coldhouse V2, Vuelta, Jan Polacek, Turn 3, Enzo Darren, Dropclusive, Awine, Das echt Andere, Snowballz, Nivanoise, The Outhere Brothers, Randy Norton, Sënick, So Wonderful, Arwell, DJ Sveta, Dramatello, Men, Wild, Aljosha Konstanty, Setter, Neuron 22, Housegeist, Jaytor, Clarity Of Sound, Kin3tek, Hermes, Deers Light, Bts Chitlom, Danza, The Dirty Principle, DJ Junior, Chris Odd, Future Cartel, Dario Synth, Randy Norton, Wridge, Tony Bezares, Stereo Palma, Kike Amyach, Federico Romanzi, Twenty a.k.a Twozero, DJ X Wing, King Hookiss, Simeon, DJ Vaven, Divkid, Chillkroeten, Tom Turquoise, Mykel Mars, Manoosh, Dreambuster
Workout Music Service | 2014-08-30