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Gantcho is a professional singer, composer, songwriter, and producer, based in Milan, Italy. He has been working on various projects focused on the creation of unique sound and musical compositions combining innovative electronic music with opera voice and complex arrangements. For the last couple of years his professional life has led him lo live in cities like London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rome, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Barcelona, Madrid, Zurich, Amsterdam, Munich, Berlin, Prague, Athens, Sofia, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Stockholm, Vancouver, Montreal, Miami etc. The collaboration with a number of musicians, composers and DJs has made it possible to produce and release his first solo album “Music is The Answer” with songs in English and Italian languages. The music base ranges from Techno, Trance, R&B, Dance Pop Music and House, where the highly technological sound, the fine arrangements and new sounds, together with the tenor opera voice create a unique atmosphere and feeling.


Power Workout Summer Music 2014
Cresta, Dario Synth, Darren & Vincent, Sash S., Leshouze, Roger Slato, Danny Better, Nenna Yvonne, Skibba, Trip Guys, Sond3r, Keysernoize, Hihatjack, Sancho Briggs, Talel, B3ware, Naxwell, Jc Nitro, Mackenzy, V-Sag, Britt, Domo, Cason, Laera, Pumped Navigation, Toni Cataldi, Marcos Grijo, Kristof Tigran, Nerik, Maxim Matveev, Bailee Mark, Moda, Dani Le Cross, Glowjack, Plamen Dereu, DJ Miss Ka-rine, Axel G, DJ Cook, DJ Caris, Daniel Freiberg, Gama, Hugh Xdupe, Deejay Chris White, David Novacek, Yan Krow, Irvin Turn, Neerah, Daniel Davici, Primacy, Hamelin, Minfeel, Taylor & Clarke, Sidefin, Ro.Kit, Discotheque Style, Criola, Fabrikahouse, DJ Noiz, Bjorn V, Gantcho, DJ Sakin, Robby Schulz, Eygency, Marcko, Sonny Sabotaz, Daiden, Rob Estell, Craig Oliver, Nockturn, Deelaw, DJHD, Mix Team Project, Mike Rubin, Nihat a.k.a Dj Led, Coldhouse V2, Vuelta, Jan Polacek, Turn 3, Enzo Darren, Dropclusive, Awine, Das echt Andere, Snowballz, Nivanoise, The Outhere Brothers, Randy Norton, Sënick, So Wonderful, Arwell, DJ Sveta, Dramatello, Men, Wild, Aljosha Konstanty, Setter, Neuron 22, Housegeist, Jaytor, Clarity Of Sound, Kin3tek, Hermes, Deers Light, Bts Chitlom, Danza, The Dirty Principle, DJ Junior, Chris Odd, Future Cartel, Dario Synth, Randy Norton, Wridge, Tony Bezares, Stereo Palma, Kike Amyach, Federico Romanzi, Twenty a.k.a Twozero, DJ X Wing, King Hookiss, Simeon, DJ Vaven, Divkid, Chillkroeten, Tom Turquoise, Mykel Mars, Manoosh, Dreambuster
Workout Music Service | 2014-08-30