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 - Andrew Rai


Andrew Rai, Kiev (UA)Andrew Rai is an artist in every sense of this word. Bright, charismatic DJ from Kiev, the notorious organizer and promoter, the host at radio stations in Ukraine, Russia and Latvia, the producer of club projects, and the artist, who was brought up by the great Stanislavsky School.Andrew Rai makes his products in the styles of vocal house, funky vocal house, disco-house, based on the music of the 80s, since the birth of "Earth, Wind & Fire".Leading clubs in Ukraine and Moldova, famous European places, are the geography of Andrew’s performances. He created the 12 projects and raised them to the European level. Daddy J, CD Babe, Bright, Rainy Day, John Wayne, Tima Sax, in collaboration with vocalists Anya Kohanchik and incredible Tatiana Shirko; Freak Ballet, Mc Dym, Sax DeLight – are the participants'of the Raiskoe DJ- Show » created by Andrew Rai. Each participant is unique and passed a strict selection of the professional actor and director - Andrew Rai. Most of all he is proud of the tight cooperation with the best sound-producer of the Ukraine - Dj Lutique, whom he regards his father in the house culture! The main legionary Raiskoe Dj-Show is Dj Dan Kopernik (musician, radio host, singer and DJ from Moscow.) Whose cooperation with led to warmer relationships in the entertainment business and the intense artist’s work in Ukraine.In addition, "Raiskoe DJ-Show» - is a radio program that broadcasts into many cities in Russia, Ukraine and Latvia, with an audience over than 20 million people under the name of "Raiskie slivki." An elegant house from the Andrew Rai’s concerts, stories about the artists he represents in his programs, the news of touring life - is what the fans of Raiskoe DJ-Show can here every week on FM waves, and on-line stations in the CIS countries. Each broadcast is conceptualized in different way: in one program you can hear the best house since 2000 - 2004 period, and in the next you can hear the best Ukrainian sound- producers selection .