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Welcome to Moscow, the 24 hour capital of Russia.The city of Pacha Club promoter and guest DJ / Producer Mazai.As we all know Russian people are very demanding. It is absolutley not easy to please them. They are party loving and do know their brands. So being adored throughout the whole country and considered to be the one of the best DJs of the metropole and holding this position for many years is quite an achievement.DJ Mazai plays in every major club in Russia and attracts a goodlooking, sexy and rich crowd. It’s no wonder that Versace, Mark Jacobs, Kenzo and Louis Vuitton asked him to play at their fashion shows. His sound is versatile. It ranges from sexy house, via party progressive to sweaty techno. Being used to play for celebrity crowds he can switch easily from catwalk groovy to mainstage mayhem. As he demonstrated on the legendary Creamfields festival alongside Pete Tong and John Digweed. It is this quality of deejaying that led him to play many countries outside Russia as well. Germany, Egypt, Switzerland, Turkey, France, just to name a few.Mazai tours the country all the way from the far east to the west on a regular base with today’s hottest international deejays s uch as Boogie Pimps , Cicada, Az z ido Da Bas s , Yves Eaux, Mike Newman, Deux, Tomcraft and Harry ‘Choo Choo’ Romero. Opening up Russian clublife with an international touch using his Parallelbooking brand. He headlines all major festivals such as A-Zov Festival, Russian Fashion Week, Kazantip, Russian Dance Music Awards (RDMA) and Top Russian DJ’s ( a producer Mazai hooked up with Dmitry Fomin. Forming the production outfit Mazai & Fomin. Releasing music monthly for the international DJ community through all the digital platforms such as Beatport and I-Tunes. These well recieved releases brought them remix requests from artists like Liz Mugler, I Am Sam, Sarah McLeod, Peter Brown, WAWA , Cicada, CJ Stone, Vacuum. Because of the successes of their releases on labels such as Pacha Recordings, Attractive Music, Kidology London, Wormland Gold, Oxyd, Connection Digital, Catch22, Housepital, Critical Mass, Haiti Groove, Bazooka, Housesession, Suka, Jeepers!, LoudBit and Stoney Boy they decided to start their own imprint as well. Digital Connection, with a cheeky logo of a girl and a boy spending some quality time together.DJ Mazai is funloving and has a great personality. He is truly a fantastic DJ. It’s no wonder that he is Moscow’s Top DJ for so many years now


On Air Club Anthems, Vol. 2 (55 Unmixed Tracks)
Lenny Fontana, Tim Berg, Tocadisco, Stefan Dabruck, Lunde Bros., Wideboys, Marshall Jefferson, House Of Virus, Soliaris, A.C.K., Seal De Green, Crew 7, Jewelz, Chico Chiquita, Roger Shah, Sian Kosheen, Kenny Ground, Riccarda Farina, Stafford Brothers, Olfulsen, Nemanja Stamenkovic, Nick Lindahl, Sunrider, Rash, Robbie Miraux, Mastiksoul, Nick & Danny Chatelain, Terrence Parker, Tha Vill, Tivoli, Daviddance, Klaudia Kix, Omar Cito Perez, Ben Orsound, Jerique, Steur Bros., Julio Leal, Daniel Aguayo, Hoxton Whores, Angie Brown, Ruben Rivas, Miss IIda, FireKinder, Franko Ovalles, Josh Dickens, Louisa Bass, Falko Niestolik, BK Duke, Nina Hall, Emrah Is, Net Brothers, Nika Mills, Alexandra Prince, Slava Dmitriev, Subcquence, Aad Mouthaan, Amrick Channa, JJ Mullor, Lexvaz, Sergio D'Angelo, L2, Jay Jacob, David Heat, Hack N Slash, Mazai, Dolly Rockers, Banda Solare, Samuele Buselli, Travi$, Dimo, Electric Bastards, Rober Gaez, Matthew Codek, Vincent Vega, Manuel Baccano, Soultoniq, Zintle, Takeydo, Nick Wolanski, Andy Viva, Robbie Taylor, Benny Royal, Stadi, Max Lean, Dave S.N.O.W., Subsneakers, Stas Satsura, Brothers Incognito, Eve Justine, Dancyn Drone, Early Le Doc, Alban Berisha, Rodion Gordin, Dvines, Benani Omar, Soufiane Az, Mark Bale, Aybewan, Baseek, Oscar Aparicio, Mary Row, Meave De Tria, J2M, Gary Caos, Dada Life, ATFC, Dirt onE, Sean Tyas, Robbie Miraux, Al Sambello, Martin Villeneuve, Potbelleez, Alexx, DJ Flore, Agent Q, Alex Gray, Peter Brown, C-Go Forte, Darko De Jan, Ivan Spell, Vani Milani, Interplay, Early Le Doc, Jashari
On Air | 2014-07-10