Key Commands
 - Silvio Carrano


Hello friends, i don't want to write a biography to tell what I have made in my life, as all I have made different and important things , I have made them simply cause I felt to make it, I do not try the approval of nobody, but appeals to me to confront with who has of the valid ideas, even if a lot distant from mine, but above all because... I LOVE the MUSIC!!! The lightning blow were in December 92, i was 9 years old, when to the wedding of my cousins the dj it played RHYTM IS A DANCER of the Snap! I fell in love to me of those sounds, of that musical kind, much to ask in gift mine the instrumentation to become dj...Is passed a lot of time,now i'm 25 years old, and i'm dj and composer, can say with certainty that I have dedicated my life to the music, I have followed and continuous to blind follow that fire that burns within of me, a passion whom she always pushes to me to put to me in game, true and an own history of love to which I have given a lot, than has given to me of the beautifulst emotions that to only think to us while I write me the skin comes d' goose...musical kinds for me are like the women, thin about it well: nobody can say " I like only the blonde girls" , there are the blond women great pussy and the blonde women that you don't fuck not even if you're drunked... and in music nobody can say " I like only house music" , every musical kind has its more or less beautiful pieces, therefore I listen from classic music to the techno, according to what i feel, in mine dj set miscellaneous much and when I compose music I make what passes me for the mind, I know that it is a mix of my emotions and of my musical baggage, I can myself be trusted in it... KEEP THE SPIRIT ALIVE, LET YOUR LOVE AND SET IT FREEEEE....