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RON CARROLL aka R.O.N.N: FOREVER LEGENDBorn and raised in the Home of “House Music”, Ron began working with hometown legends to strengthen his Love and Craft for the Music. Ron is known for his Vocal performances on Dance Classics such as “Lucky Star” with French Sensation: Superfunk as well as on the Deep house Love Anthem: “Back Together” with Dutch Duo: Hardsoul, Mega Club Anthem: “Wonderful World” with Axwell & Bob Sinclar Just to name a few. Ron has produced, Remixed and Co-Produced popular club tunes, such as: “Walking Down The Street” (Nike Song), “Everybody Movin” with Bob Sinclar, “Tribute” with Bob Sinclar, “Love Generation” with Bob Sinclar and “When Love Takes Over” with David Guetta and Kelly Rowland. As a DJ, Ron has kept dance floors moving around the World from: Ibiza, UK, UAE, Japan, Thailand, France, Germany, Holland, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Switzerland to name a few with His combination of DJ & Live Vocals, the set’s have been Classic. In Future Ron has set himself up with what is to be his most successful years to come, with Massive vocal and Production collaborations, as well as 3 incredible new labels with 3 distinctly different sounds: ElectricDiscoPussy (new Genre: DIRTY DUB), Chi City Music (Hip House) and RCM (Club Anthems/Big Room) created by Ron himself launching in 2012.Ron Quote: I am a Giver of Positive Energy through music. Welcome to the World of the #UndergroundElite


The Workout-Sessions, Vol. 2
Red 5, Shaun Thomas, Keysernoize, Gantcho, Yanis.s, Lea Mojica, L-Dis, Sebastien Luminous, Sack S, Visioneight, Romak, Chippie, Ignacio Arfeli, Vyto, Vince Neel, Stereoliner, Calabria, Metro Audio, Trackwasher, Hella Donna, Skibba, DJ Sakin & Friends, Dario Synth, Corg, Rob Estell, Yigit Yaparel, Marcos Grijo, Sancho Briggs, Kristof Tigran, Nerik, D 'n' B Bros, Nockturn, DJ Samfeel, Sqootie Jackson, Maxim Matveev, Bailee Mark, S&g Dance Band, Dani Le Cross, Sond3r, Crazytecko, Glowjack, Plamen Dereu, Style da Kid, Shoricel, J & V, DJ Freedom, Siren, We Are The Future, Francesco Masnata, Chris R, DJ Soeite, Primacy, Just Me, Cortex, Nihat a.k.a Dj Led, Basslover Allstars, Handsup Playerz, Dj Bisk, Taylor & Clarke, Sidefin, Ro.Kit, Mathias Arvo, Kin3tek, Discotheque Style, Yan Krow, Sgarrow, Criola, Fabrikahouse, DJHD, Bjorn V, Mix Team Project, DJ Sakin, Flowerfield, DJ Ex-One, Robby Schulz, DJ Noiz, Coldhouse V2, Marcko, Sonny Sabotaz, Domo, Toni Cataldi, Pascal Casimir, React2mens, Jason Parker, Craig Oliver, The Bombers, Dela Saldo, Xpert, Poediction, Trevor Jackson, Androbit, Kurtern, Massiv Vibes, Mad Fak, Babe Ruth, Simone Vignola, Dinheiro, Sfrisoo, Squilla Mantis Project, Peet Vait, Livedj Malo, Criticaldrop, Dj Ariep, Ron Carroll, R.O.N.N., Serbsican, Toby Luke, Nivanoise, Neerah, The Outhere Brothers, Randy Norton, Hamelin, Minfeel, Victoria, The Voyager Project, So Wonderful, Arwell, Feldschieber, Markus Voorn, Acting Lovers, Mr. Coy, Dramatello, Schoko, Hihatjack, Sunny Soccers, Cola Girl, Cosimo Citiolo, Aljosha Konstanty, Vuto, Setter, Deejay Chris White, Andre Kornev, DJ Sveta, Marc Reason, Twenty a.k.a Twozero, David Kriss, danilo just me nylez, Fat Rabbit, Succumb2 the Nite, Chris Odd, Future Cartel, Sond3r, Daniel O Connell, Universal Love Tribe, Dario Synth, Roaxx J, DJ Sies, Basslover Allstars, Dreamwalker, Dj Arix, Kike Amyach, DJ X Wing, Rom Mc Grey, Martin K-Knight, Randy Norton, Mash-d, Javo, Aron Scott, Lahox, Ray Burnz, Divkid
Workout Music Service | 2014-09-13