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 - Angel Alanis


Angel Alanis started as a DJ at the age of 14 and, in 1997, released his debut double-pack techno EP titled “Advanced Therapy" on Contact Records. Since then, he continues to produce a diverse stream of songs, currently landing him on labels such as Naked Lunch, Afro Acid, Impact Mechanics, Chroma, Gynoid, Spark, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Phobiq, and Boys Noize, and has also been featured on Tresor, Tronic, White Noise, International House Records, Moody and more. In 2011, Angel joined the Afro-Acid team, home of DJ Pierre, and also established two other labels- Home Audio Recordings with partner Steve Parker and his own techno label Slap Jaxx which has already earned acclaim from such DJs as Adam Jay, Dave Clarke, Ken Ishii & Dj Rush & Slam. In addition, his work on the Freedom Series albums and continuous flow of remixes proves Angel’s passion for, and dedication to, the music, and not the hype.