Key Commands
 - Antoine Cortez


He was born in 1987, in Budapest. His musical career started way back, when he was 8 years old. Hewas playing the piano for 5 years, when he changed to mixing the disks. It was that time when he's gotto known his friend, Mike Newman, who introduced him to the world of music producers. He'd beentrying himself out in a number of styles until he finally found his place in the world of house music.Hisfirst appearance was the song, he wrote together with Newman, called Sex-o-phone, which got greatpopularity between the professionals. Soon his first Solo album, Trouble was released. He continued his work with Mike, together they achieved that their song, Got me now reached the 1st place of the Traxsource house chart.They didn't stop here and released their next track, Come with you by Hedkandi.He is currently working on more tracks, which will be hopefullyreleased soon.