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 - Anton Ishutin


Anton Ishutin. Young, talented and fast-paced e- actor on the stage.His creativity, Anton quickly became conquer the world of electronic music, receiving support from artists such as Ben Clarke,S.K.A.M.,Russ Yallop, M.A.N.D.Y, WIldkats, Alex Niggemann, Yeray Herrera, Tvardovsky, Konstantin Yoodza, James Warren, and others.Anton Ishutin in such a short period of his career, has a good discography. The works of Anton, anchored firmly in the charts on the labels which it was published. As well as his work can be heard in many of the world mix of DJs.Anton style - it's soft melodic progressive. Emotions that sends Anton, can be felt at the genetic level. Massive reflection of feelings and experiences in each of his work that makes yo