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 - Loic Penillo


Winner of the contest "RTS Le Mix" in 2008, Loic had the privilege to play with cream of French deejay's (Laurent Wolf, David Vendetta, Dim Chris, Greg Cerrone, Mathieu Bouthier, Arno Cost) in front of 10,000 clubbers in The Arena of Nimes. Loic also took part of an amazing operation of the SNCF (French Train System), ID NIGHT, he mixed in a TGV between Montpellier and Paris. He also played in the famoust private in beach "La Voile Bleue" for the closing party.In 2008, Loic started with the world of the professional DJ'S since he performed at the PACHA for the launching of the Nokia N96. He went, in 2009 to Mauritius and was invited to play in front of more than 5000 persons for the Chinese New Year February 13th, 2010. During his trip, Loic made a cover of a Magazine (In and Out)and had several interviews for Radio ONE and The Daily Mauritius.Loic made a featuring with Audrey Valorzi on the new track"Pura Vida" released on Hypetraxx Records. It will be supported by radios such as Radio FG, NTI, Hotmix... and released on more than 20 digital and physical compilations in France and abroad.In 2011 Loic made remix for big artists such as Laurent Wolf & Anton Wick for Sony Music. He also did a remix of a big Anthem « You don’t know me » . i twas supported by David Vendetta, Mathieu Bouthier, D.O.N.S. Stonebridge, MobinMaster and played in wonderful place as Ministry of Sound, London.In 2012 Loic is proud to introduce his new single « I want you » ft Paolo Ravley released on Serial Records licenced by SCORPIO MUSIC.


Ibiza 2012 - The Complete Collection - 83 Tracks
Peter Brown, Clemens Rumpf, David A. Tobin, Eric Tyrell, The Whiteliner, Natasha Burnett, Matt Myer, Vivi, Goose Bumps, Brown Sugar, Kid Shakers, Anthony Wells, Charlenn, Roger Slato, Tanya Michelle, Cosmic Funk, Jon Craig, Lucas Reyes, Funky Fresh, Armin Van Eijk, deziBL, Funky Dice, Inusa Dawuda, Choc Choc Zoo, Markus Ano, Mark Bale, A.C.N., Van Nosikov, Virgil Enzinger, Superlover, Niko Schwind, M_Ferri, Mike Wall, Laidback Luke, Example, Matt Aubrey, Holevar, Luke Tolosan, Jan Cooper, Cosmic Dawn, Pzyked, Chris Kaeser, Stefan Gubatz, Jo Cappa, David Pareja, Aaron Mayk, Hans Staudinger, Patrick Bryze, Horny United, Jim Tonique, Pele, Miki Hernandez, Victor Gonzalez, DJ Subsonic, Uwe Bothe, Du Olivera, Malibu Breeze, Michael Carrico, Marck Road, Analog People, Morgenklang, Holger Brauns, Der Mo, Ingo Boss, SCSI-9, Deficit, Chris Hauer, Katzbatz, Smacs, Patrick Kong, Aldo Cadiz, Christian Hornbostel, Damien J. Carter, Claudio Lari, Chris Avalon, Monoline, Electrosila, Mike Ban, Dietmar Wohl, Niereich, David Hasert, R.Varez, Rob Renson, Since Then, Obrotka, Traumfabrik, Lorenzo Navarro, Roberto De Haro, Stereo Palma, Allen Alexis, Martin Selle, Sante, Mago, Damien S., Lee Thomas, The Booty Jocks, David K, Miss Roberta, California Ave, DJ Pearl, Anthony Megaro, Slavaki, Suspect Delivery, Max Lindemann, Kid Shakers, Fine Touch, Andrey Exx, Benny Royal, Brown Sugar, Loic Penillo, Matthias Ka, Niko De Luka, Lucas Reyes, Farren Amani, Mazai, Fomin, Luxure, Cedric Vian, Niels Van Gogh, Ben Delay, Till West, Virgil Enzinger, Unu, Afrilounge, Boris Brejcha, Niko Schwind, Chris Kaeser, Tonio Liarte, A.C.N., Meiko, Lars Van Dalen, Lissat & Voltaxx, Ricky Garcia, Ken Hayakawa, Tujamo, Paul Cervera, DJ Ruano, Virolo, Ray Leandro, Pig&Dan, Discey, Matthew Gold, Mike Newman, Swinging Bossa, Nils Nuernberg, Mark Ullrich, Turgay Avcioglu, Pablo Bolivar, Hirotaka Miyamoto, Tom Demac, Tobias Oliver, Mike Ban, Dietmar Wohl, Naksi, Brunner, Alejandro Trebor, M.A.D.A.,, Andras Bader, Jay Bliss, Felix Bernhardt, Victor Del Guio, Lorenzo Navarro, Southland Dj, Ingo Boss, Patrick Kunkel, StereoJackers, Beatamines, Patrizio Mattei, Danny Omich, Franky Miller, Goose Bumps, Korablove
Muenchen | 2012-06-15